February 2, 2011

Mountain Range & Mist

"Mountain Range & Mist" by Kim Mclaughlin, 2010

Venturing out to my mailbox yesterday in the freezing rain, I muttered to myself about how it was hardly worth it as I sorted through the bills and junk mail...until I found...Mail Art!! There it was with it's Tampa, FL postmark...an envelope from Kim Mclaughlin inscribed with a "Happy Mail Art" greeting on the back flap. Inside... a wonderful painting by Kim. To say that this instantly brightened my day would be an understatement. Isn't it funny how getting something wonderful in the mail can just change the whole tone and tenor of one's disposition. Her painting certainly did this for me! Thank you so much, Kim. This painting is fabulous!!!

Kim's paintings can be seen both on her blog and her new website...you do need to check both of these out at: http://happylittletreesstudio.blogspot.com and http://www.happytreesstudio.com 

Thanks again, Kim for your wonderful piece of Mail Art!!


Erika Lee Sears said...

Kim is so talented! Gorgeous!

Dave said...

Isn't she! Now I just have to find the right spot to display this beautiful little painting!

jen said...

very nice!! i got wave/beach scene from her the other day...a nice sight with all the rain/snow/slush we have to look at these days!!

Dave said...

Jen...I agree! What fun!!!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Thank you everyone and I'm glad you liked it! I love this mail art thing!