February 15, 2011

Monday Meanderings

So okay...it's not Monday. I had meant to do this posting yesterday, but just didn't do it. Keep putting it off...other things got in the way....good intentions and all that...

Last week was spent "on the road"...my car needed servicing...doctor's appointment...meeting with the attorney who is handling my father's estate....this and that...nothing else got done 'cause the day's rhythms were out of sync...finally the weekend brought some time but then my oldest daughter came home for the weekend with boyfriend in tow...so much for the weekend!

So...Friday and then Monday brought more Mail Art to my mailbox! This is starting to become more and more fun! Here's what I got on Friday from Erika:

Valentine from Erika
And yesterday, I got this postcard from Felicity:

My thanks to both Erika and Felicity for these great pieces!!

I'm working on a new set of mail art pieces right now using mailing tags as the base. I'm kind of making it up as I go, but they'll be double sided and I'm playing around with glazes and rubber stamps. Could be interesting!!! I'm not going to post any pics of these until I get one side done.

Oh! I also found out on Friday that my painting, "Afternoon" that I sold and shipped to Italy back in the middle of January finally was released from Italian customs and delivered to the buyer! And...the feedback I received from her was wonderful...full of praises for the painting and my talent!!! I needed those types of strokes big time. I have had a new painting sitting on my easel for several weeks now...base coat applied to the canvas and preliminary sketch done...but I just couldn't bring myself to go much further. Hearing from my Italian friend was just what I needed...so I started! Here's a quick snapshot of where it's at right now:

The picture doesn't do a good job showing some of the lines in the sketch and there's really not much going on yet...but it is no longer a "blank canvas"! I'm going to try to do some things I have done before in my paintings...like developing the background more and using a "formal composition" so I'm going to take my time with this. I'll post another picture sometime showing my progress.

Warm weather over the weekend has given a dose of spring fever. The rest of this week promises to me in the 50's and 60's...not quite warm but getting there. The new SI Swimsuit issue was on my local newsstand today...looks like a great season!

So much for my meanderings....time to do some work on my mail art pieces!!


Erika Lee Sears said...

:) I can't wait till i get my next mail art :)

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I can't wait to see how your painting progresses! I'm glad your painting got thru customs. I had one that wouldn't make it thru years ago going to Italy.

jen said...

i actually like it in it's unfinished state, so i'm sure it will be great. what a cool thing to have something you created now living in Italy and being loved by someone so distant!!
oh, and it didn't even occur to me, until i recieved felicity's mail art that my last name is so timely for valentines!! :)

Dave said...

@ Erika ~ The next mail art piece maybe a bit delayed...the ink I used with a rubber stamp is taking forever to dry!
@Kim ~ I think my Italian buyer has had experience dealing with Italian customs in the past..she kept telling me she knew who to call..which I think helped.
@Kim & Jen ~ I went on a "field trip" today to the Cincinnati Art Museum to check out some painting there to get ideas where to take mine...got lots of inspiration!!!

Frances said...

i absolutely love your work... I have yet to discover the painter within... paints intimidate me, I stick to pencils :) i found ur site thru felicity. I love that your from the Cincinnati area, my boyfriend and I just moved here from chicago and I absolutely love it. Sad when people ask me "Why would u move HERE?!?".. its historic, full of arts and lovely in the spring and fall. Not to mention the people are SO much more friendlier than back home... glad to have found ur blog!!

Felicity said...

Oh no, I had a picture of Dolly Parton stuck on there. It looks like she split. ; )

Dave said...

@Frances ~ welcome to Cincinnati! There is so much going on in the arts here...as well as other things...if you can get over the city politics it's a great place!

@Felicity ~ I wonder where Dolly went?! Was she on the front or the back? What a hoot...she's an icon!! You'll have to do a series with her sometime!!

Felicity said...

She was on the front bottom center, right beside the girl/below the soldiers. I blame myself for using flimsy Elmer's glue stick. I'll use Sobo from now on.: )