February 6, 2011

I Have More Mail!

Nothing like getting Mail Art on a dreary, cold Saturday afternoon to cheer a person up! I had just gotten home from the Saturday life drawing class that I have been going to for years and years....we have a new instructor who may or may not be a good thing...too early to tell...and wasn't feeling all that up. Checking the mail, I found Erika's Mail Art! Ignoring everything else in the stack, I had to take in the front of the envelope and then the back. Wonderful!!! Then...very gently so as not to ruin anything, I opened it and found the coolest collage inside!

Very nice!!! Thank you so much, Erika for brightening my day. Getting Mail Art is so exciting. I can't wait to see what might be in the mail tomorrow!!!

Erika has a great blog, atinyrocket that you need to follow...if you aren't already!!!


Erika Lee Sears said...

THanks! I am surprised at how long it took to get to you. It took like a month :)

Dave said...

Erika ~ You are most welcome! That's interesting as to how long it took to get to me...I just checked for a date on the postmark but it's blurred. I wonder if it's 'cause you didn't include my last name in the address? The USPS can get weird like that...in any case...I did get it and I'm glad!!

jen said...

that's great!! I got one from Erika the other day, too. i love getting mail, i practically drop everything when i see i have something fun to look at!
unfortunately i have been lax at my end of creating...but your post has reminded me to 'get on it'!!
good stuff going on here!!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I just love mail art! It's wonderful!!!!

Dave said...

It is wonderful, isn't it! I found a new member for our group over the weekend and will get out a new list very soon!