January 11, 2011

Are you sure?

I'm a little late with this...my posting about New Year's Resolutions. I've read everyone else's and thought...these are great ideas...maybe I should try this as well. But you know, I've reached that point in life where I just know that no matter how good a resolution may be... I won't keep it. Over the years I've made resolutions about getting more exercise, saving more money, not to worry as much...or even more specific things like: practice drawing every day, do a painting/drawing/atc/blog entry/you-name-it-a day....and...my studio is littered with barely begun journals and sketch pads. The only thing that I seem to stick to with any consistency is making lists. I excel at making lists! In fact, I have books of lists...and even lists of lists that I want to make. (There's got to be an art piece in this...somewhere!) So...this year's New Year's Resolutions?

In the movie, "Polar Express," the young hero is troubled with uncertainty about Santa Claus. (Although I have always seen this as a metaphor for growing up...but that comes with being a former language arts teacher.) Throughout the movie he is always asking, "Are you sure?" Finally, he comes to terms with his issues and can hear Santa's bells again. (Yes, I still can! In fact, I take Santa's sleigh out for a spin every Christmas when he stops by my house. I give him a bourbon and a cigar to enjoy while I'm gone. Just ask my daughters...they'll confirm this...) 

In any case, I have decided that the number one resolution for me this year is to become more certain about what I do. I can stop my creative flow quicker than anything by asking, "Are you sure?" I need to put an end to this and give my "art" the credibility it deserves. I need to stop doubting and start saying instead what our Polar Express hero's friend answered..."Absolutely!" I'll keep my lists and try again for the painting a day sort of thing...but "certainty" is what I hope to achieve this year.


jen said...

what a great resolution! it could translate into every aspect of your life, too. but sometimes our best work happens when we let it do what IT wants to do instead of stopping to ask!
good luck!

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

I agree with Jen, it's a wonderful resolution. AND it could translate to every part of your life. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Dave said...

Thanks to you both! I've already caught myself this morning asking...are you sure? Absolutely!!