November 23, 2010


Recently I've been told by any number of people that "oh, you're retired so you have time for that..." or "you have all the time in the world...." And I guess they're a point. I try to point out to them that I don't have any more time then they day still only has 24 hours just like theirs. The difference is in how I use this time. Unlike them I do have more leeway on what I do with the time...for the most part I make the decisions on what and when I do something. I have a lot more flexibility when I make appointments and when I run errands and so forth. Which is a point....

Now I know this is going to sound like a whine...but...I have found that with this discretion, comes new responsibilities! I find myself wondering...what should I be doing right now? Should I do this first? much time should I be spending on a particular task or project? Or how about this....wondering if I should be doing something else while I'm doing...something else. Like right now! As I write this post, in the back of my mind I'm wondering if the paint is dry on one side of a project I'm working on so I can paint the other side....or I just remembered that there was a photo I meant to edit so I could get out on my Etsy site. See....a whole new set of constraints!!!  Yes, "I have the time" but now it's become...."am I using it the right way?" I can't blame any "waste of time" on someone else. It's all me. Yet....I wouldn't want it any other way....because I am learning that it's not wasting time to stop what I'm doing and enjoy a fall sunset. And I'm looking forward to quietly enjoying the Christmas season...'cause I have the time!

November 20, 2010

Necessity Gifts every woman would love by MissieRabdau

My new Etsy shop, Reflective Images, has only been up for a couple of days and already one of my new photographs has found itself into an Etsy wonderful!!! My thanks to MissieRabdau for including my photo, "Snowstorm No. 4" in her newest treasury, "Necessity Gifts every woman would love". With Christmas only weeks away, there are some great gift ideas to be considered!!

November 19, 2010

Spring Grove Cemetery


Several weeks ago, my wife and I journeyed across town to Spring Grove Cemetery. This is a place where all those of importance in Cincinnati are laid to rest...the place is filled with beautiful gardens and well as knock-your-socks-off monuments! In any case, I had my trusty Holga camera and Nikon N6006 film camera with me...the Holga loaded with color negative film, the Nikon with  classic 35mm 400 ASA black and white film. 


The day was warm and somewhat overcast...perfect for cemetery pictures. The place is huge so we only explored a small part of what was there. Two hours and a bunch of film later, we called it quits for the day. 

This was the first time that I have used color negative film in the Holga and it has been awhile since I processed C41 film but earlier this week I did just that and you are looking at some early results. I haven't processed the black and white film but given what I see with the pics from the Holga, I can't help but think there are some great images to be found. I'll make sure to post an update when I have more ready to show. In the meantime, you can see more of my Holga pics on my Flickr site:

November 18, 2010

Skip's Junk Yard

This past Saturday I joined other members of "Club Blatz", a group of intrepid photographers in the Greater Cincinnati area, for a photo safari at Skip's Junk Yard. Skip's, which can be found on Wooster Road outside Mariemont, is an emporium of old motorcycles and cars...a paradise for those needing parts as well as photographers! For our $10 "admission fee" we were given pretty much free rein over the entire establishment for 2 hours. So at 12 noon we all descended, paid our fee, and the air was filled with the sounds of joy and shutters going off...

Now I have driven by Skip's on any number of occasions over the years, always wanting to get inside with my camera, so the day was a dream come true! I didn't know where to start!!!  Overwhelmed, I stood there for a couple of minutes taking in the sight of old motorcycle after old motorcycle lined up, old cars posing...waiting for their "Big Blue" here. Taking a deep breathe, I took my cameras out of the bag...and went to it, reminding myself that with digital I had at least 1,000 exposure at my go ahead and shoot!!!

The only downer of this session wasn't discovered until two days ago when I processed the color film negatives I shot using my plastic Diana. It was  as I took these rolls of film from the processing tank that I realized that something terribly wrong had happened...there was nothing but light leak flares on the negs!!!  Checking the camera, I discovered that seemingly the exposure lever on the bottom of the lens had been moved to the pinhole setting...which meant the aperature was well, pinhole size! So next to nothing got in.....three rolls of film wasted!!! Now while I fault myself for not checking this setting, I rarely move it from the cloudy setting so this had to happen when I took the camera out of the bag. Of course, I really think "Diana" did it herself as she was jealous that I was giving more attention to my digital Nikon.  She has now been taped up with black tape to prevent the lever from moving...and to take care of some of the light leaks. I hope she's into bondage and black tape...

I've only posted a couple of the photos but if you would like to see more, please go to my Flickr site and you can see them all:

November 16, 2010

Nov. by HelenGotlib

Here's a new Etsy Treasury for you to enjoy. My thanks to HelenGotlib for including my Handbound sketch journal in her newest Treasury, "Nov." Do check this out!!

November 15, 2010

Dancing with my Muse - Part 2

Several weeks ago, I posted my thoughts about the "dance" I feel I do with my muse every time I come into my studio. I also stated that I didn't like my recent painting that came out of one such dance. I still feel that I should have listened to her and not picked up my paint brush. (I did eventually pick up my cameras and from the initial results, I should have listened to her as I'm quite happy with what came about. You can go to my Flickr site and see these for yourself: 

In any case, I did receive a couple of comments asking to see the entire painting. I have hesitated as I'm still not happy with this painting, but I thought that before I put it into storage...with the idea that I will take it out sometime later and reconsider...I would go ahead and post a pic of the finished painting. Now keep in mind as you look at it that the pic is not "studio quality" but  a quick grab-shot that I took before starting out on on of my photo safaris. Still...give me your thoughts on this. The pic doesn't show the textures that the close-up does, but those textures still remain. Is this a keeper...or a candidate for a rework? Be's only a painting.....


November 12, 2010

Life is Good

Today goes under the heading of "Life Is Good." While I had to do my usual Friday chores (pay bills, clean bathrooms, etc.) is was a beautiful Fall day to be outside. Sunny, the 70's, clear air...perfect day! So I got my inside chores done as quick as I could...and then it was outside! The yard needed some work and everything needed watering...still no I got that done. was time to play! I pulled the cover of my Heritage Softail and went for a ride!!!

As she and I hit the road, I had no where in particular to go in mind...just for a ride. I could tell that she want to run fast so I decided on a route that would let us do that. But you know how things can be sometimes....half way into the ride it was obvious that neither of us really wanted to go far. So...I stopped at a near by gas station, topped her off, and headed home. Once home, I prepped the gas with stabilizer 'cause I knew that this would probably be the last ride for a long time if not for the season. I wiped her down, checked everything over, parked her in her spot in the garage and covered her. Hopefully I will be able to take her out soon, but given the way the weather is here in could be March or April. Oh, I'll take the cover off her on a regular basis and check in...but rides will be few.

I didn't get to ride her as much this season as I had planned. Hernia operation in the spring then a hot summer kept me from riding much. So I'm hoping for an early warm-up next season so I can make up for lost time!! 

As I said in the beginning...this was a "life is good day". Now if I can only figure out a way of getting out of my Friday chores!!!

November 11, 2010

Silks and Chocolates

There was a time when shopping for her was silks and luscious chocolates. The chocolates are still much appreciated...the silks not so much so. Nonetheless, here's a shopping list for you to consider!

November 8, 2010

Dancing with my Muse

You know how it want to this certain painting using a limited palette...but your muse keeps telling you that you're crazy and that you really want to do something else entirely different. And the longer you fight her the worse it gets...'cause in the end, she is always right. I call this "dancing with my muse"...or maybe it's more like a continual courtship. In any case, when I started this painting (I'm only showing you a small section of the beginnings of this...) my muse kept telling me that I didn't want to be painting, that I wanted to pick up my cameras and shot lots of film...and then dust off my darkroom and get printing!! I didn't listen to her and kept painting. The painting is done...but I don't like it. (That's why I'm not going to post the finish product just yet...) I should have listened to her!! 

While I haven't taken out my cameras...they are packed and ready to go. I have two "photo safaris" scheduled this week...the processing chemicals have been purchased and are awaiting my return. Then it will be hours spent in the red light of my darkroom, breathing in all sorts of nasty fumes and getting irritated when I have to do yet another exposure to get "it right"...but in the end, happy when I do. Hopefully my muse will still want me to do this....of course she has been known to change her mind right after she gets her way.....always works that way...don't you know!!

November 4, 2010

Get Your Read On by aziedesigns

Here's a fun new treasury to consider. Lots of holiday gift giving ideas in this one!! My thanks to aziedesigns for including my Hand Bound Artist Journal in their Team Discovery Treasury Challenge, "Get Your Read On."  Do give this a look, a comment, and a click or two!!!