November 12, 2010

Life is Good

Today goes under the heading of "Life Is Good." While I had to do my usual Friday chores (pay bills, clean bathrooms, etc.) is was a beautiful Fall day to be outside. Sunny, the 70's, clear air...perfect day! So I got my inside chores done as quick as I could...and then it was outside! The yard needed some work and everything needed watering...still no I got that done. was time to play! I pulled the cover of my Heritage Softail and went for a ride!!!

As she and I hit the road, I had no where in particular to go in mind...just for a ride. I could tell that she want to run fast so I decided on a route that would let us do that. But you know how things can be sometimes....half way into the ride it was obvious that neither of us really wanted to go far. So...I stopped at a near by gas station, topped her off, and headed home. Once home, I prepped the gas with stabilizer 'cause I knew that this would probably be the last ride for a long time if not for the season. I wiped her down, checked everything over, parked her in her spot in the garage and covered her. Hopefully I will be able to take her out soon, but given the way the weather is here in could be March or April. Oh, I'll take the cover off her on a regular basis and check in...but rides will be few.

I didn't get to ride her as much this season as I had planned. Hernia operation in the spring then a hot summer kept me from riding much. So I'm hoping for an early warm-up next season so I can make up for lost time!! 

As I said in the beginning...this was a "life is good day". Now if I can only figure out a way of getting out of my Friday chores!!!

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