November 15, 2010

Dancing with my Muse - Part 2

Several weeks ago, I posted my thoughts about the "dance" I feel I do with my muse every time I come into my studio. I also stated that I didn't like my recent painting that came out of one such dance. I still feel that I should have listened to her and not picked up my paint brush. (I did eventually pick up my cameras and from the initial results, I should have listened to her as I'm quite happy with what came about. You can go to my Flickr site and see these for yourself: 

In any case, I did receive a couple of comments asking to see the entire painting. I have hesitated as I'm still not happy with this painting, but I thought that before I put it into storage...with the idea that I will take it out sometime later and reconsider...I would go ahead and post a pic of the finished painting. Now keep in mind as you look at it that the pic is not "studio quality" but  a quick grab-shot that I took before starting out on on of my photo safaris. Still...give me your thoughts on this. The pic doesn't show the textures that the close-up does, but those textures still remain. Is this a keeper...or a candidate for a rework? Be's only a painting.....


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