October 26, 2010


Sue's Gift

In an earlier post, I reflected on how perhaps being chosen as one of the  finalists in Cloth, Paper, Scissors Artisan 2011 competition might just be the recognition I was looking for as an artist...that little bit that I needed to confirm my status as an "artist". Well...they announced the winners this past Friday and I wasn't one of them. To say the least, I was disappointed...and it's taken a bit for me to "get over it" and move on. Now, this isn't the first time I've received a rejection notice but this time it was "so close, yet so far"!!  I will be getting recognition as one of the remaining 20 finalists (4 of us in each of 5 categories) in the January/February issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors so that in itself is great! 

It's interesting. I entered two categories:  collage/assemblages and book art/artist journal and was a finalist in the book art category which wasn't were I thought I was the strongest. I enjoy putting these books together but I still don't see this as my strength as an artist. So perhaps it's just as well I wasn't chosen. In any case, this experience has me refocusing my efforts on my collage/mixed media works...some of which will no doubt be artist books! I'll be ready for next year's competition...so watch out world! 

"Sue's Gift" was one of the books I entered. Here are pictures of the other two books I entered. I'd love to hear any feedback anyone might want to offer about these books. Thanks!


Traveler's Journal


VisuaLingual said...

Rejections stinks, but it's just part of being a creative person and trying to get your work out there. Congratulations on being a finalist, and learning and growing from this experience!

Dave said...

It does, but one has to learn from it...which I have and will. I'm curious to see the work of the winners...I'm sure it is great! On to the next challenge!!!