October 21, 2010

My Grandmother

Several weeks ago, I brought my 99 year old grandmother home from the rehab center. She had broken her hip in April and hadn't been home until then. During visits to first the hospital and then at the rehab center, she always maintained her feisty self...always claiming she didn't like being around old people and wanting to go home! The day had come finally and when my wife and I arrived, we found her sitting by her bed with all her things packed and ready to go! For someone her age, she really could move fast...even with a walker!! She's home now and doing fine I'm happy to say.

All during this period and once again when we brought her home, she was very insistent that she and I have a "talk" about what she wanted done after she was "gone". Now, I'm not uncomfortable with the whole idea of death and dying and I know that my grandmother is the same way. So...this past Thursday I went up to see her again to have that talk...and it was everything I thought it would be. As I'm going to be the executor of her will, she just wanted to make sure I knew who to "take care of" and who not to. And she wanted to make sure I wrote it down! Which I did! Afterwards, we had a piece of warm mincemeat pie that she had made that morning...yes, she still bakes....and talked about past times and those who had already gone. It was a good conversation...the type that made me wish I had had more with her....and hopefully will have more in the future. We've all told here we're already planning her 100th birthday party so she needs to stick around at least until then!!

When I made this visit last Thursday, it was a beautiful fall afternoon and I stuck to the back roads to get to her house so that I could enjoy the fall colors and also to give me time to think about what I knew we were going to discuss. I will have to make this trip more often....other things can wait.


Aubrey Studebaker said...

That photo of your grandmother is lovely. I'm glad that you are able to spend time w/ her. She sound like a spitfire!

Dave said...

Thank you...it's one of my favorites. And she is a spitfire...which makes her so much fun to be with...until she starts telling "baby stories" about me to my daughters...then it's time to go!!!