October 4, 2010

Moving On!

Top Disco - Week 1

It is over...at least the "decomposition" part of this project. Now it's time to take them down, which I will do sometime in the next couple of days, and take them apart! Then...what to do with them? Hmmm!! I think I'll wait to see what's inside of these bundles...then who knows!? In the meanwhile I thought it might be interesting to post "before" and "after" pictures of these bundles. It's interesting to see what "hanging out" for 21 or so weeks has done for them. Enjoy!

Top Disco - Week 21

Bottom Disco - Week 1
Bottom Disco - Week 21

Barefoot Boy - Week 1

Barefoot Boy - Week 20

Week 1

Week 20


Seth said...

Fascinating to see the changes...especially in Barefoot Boy. Looking forward to seeing what you create next!

Dave said...

Barefoot Boy does show the most change, doesn't it! I should be taking these down today so hopefully will have some posts soon showing what's inside!