October 6, 2010

An Early Christmas Present!

Altered Bingo Card, Barbara Bell
In each issue of the crafting magazine, "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" (Interweave) is what they call a "Reader's Challenge". This is where they'll state a theme, give parameters and such and offer incentives to participate.  These incentives could be a "swap" with other readers, a straight-out competition with the hope of having your work published in the magazine...and sometimes both! 

I usually don't do these challenges but over the summer I decided why not?! So...when they announced a "Winter Holiday" Gift Swap I decided to take the plunge. We were to create a gift swap card of a particular size, etc. and with the theme of "winter holiday". Everyone who submitted a "gift" was promised one in return from another participant. And...the chance that your gift might be included in Cloth, Paper, Scissors follow-up article in their November/December 2010 issue.

I got busy and created a card around the "I Believe" theme...with Santas and the like. Sent it off, published photos of my card in the Cloth, Paper, Scissors gallery...and pretty much forgot about it as I turned my focus to other things. That was until this past Monday when in the mail arrived a surprise! It was my swap item...a beautiful altered bingo card (pictured above and below) made by Barbara Bell of Grove City, Ohio. Now I'll tell you what...even though Halloween is in the air, looking at this card certainly got me in the Christmas spirit!! What fun!!! Thank you so much, Barbara!!!

Altered Bingo Card, Barbara Bell

I don't know if Barbara's or my cards will be featured in the November/December 2010 issue but I'll be sure to put out an update if that's the case. If you'd like to see my card, just click on this link and it will take you to the gallery and my "I Believe" card!

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