October 11, 2010

Bundles....no longer!

Title page from Barefoot Boy

Both bundles came down mid-week....I had a good time slowly taking them apart and photographing what I found. While I didn't find any real surprises, "Barefoot Boy" showed the most changes...and the most dramatic effects within itself. In fact, it totally came apart....covers separated from the page signatures...pages coming apart within the signatures! Lots of discoloring and marbling on all the pages. Barefoot's covers are a mess but its pages are in pretty good same...just a little discolored and wrinkled.

Both books are now resting quietly in separate boxes waiting for their next stage. I'm thinking that I'll turn the "Disco" bundle into a book structure of some sort. As for "Barefoot Boy"... I'm not sure yet. It doesn't seem appropriate to rebound it into a book structure...but then again....just maybe....

I have a bunch of fun photos of both bundles that I will share over the coming weeks. For this posting, here's some from "Barefoot Boy". Also check my Flickr site as I will also be putting photos out on it as well!

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