September 28, 2010

Welcome Maggie!

So here she is...sister of Helen....Maggie! Isn't she adorable?! It was fun building her...I had learned a lot from building her sister so Maggie went smoother. Just a little bit of tacky glue to fasten the pie pan to her head, my trusty snippers to shape this into her hair...and she was all done!! Now she's standing in a place of honor in our family room...the same place her sister resided until she left home. I think I'll hold onto Maggie and not put her up for sale...and I don't think I'll make another version of this doll. Two's enough, don't you think? Here's some more views of Maggie....

Front view

Left profile

Back view

I hope you enjoyed following along the progress of "Sister of Helen". I certainly did have fun building Maggie and documenting her progress. Now on to my next project!!!

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