September 24, 2010

Sister of Helen - Episode 5 or "She's Alive"

She sees!!

I felt like Dr. F! All I needed was Igor and a thunderstorm!!!  (And maybe Gene Wilder...) I had neither. What I did have was my trusting rivet gun and a whole bunch of rivets and washers. I didn't need anything else!!! 

My trusty rivet gun!

As I hope you gathered from the top picture, the first thing I did was to rivet the bottle caps to her head ...I wanted to make sure she could watch the remaining steps and offer suggestions as to what I should do next. ( I guess I've been married too long....) That step went easily so I was encouraged to move on to the next steps!!!

You know what these are...

Okay, I'm a guy. So you know what "parts" I put on next! The "part" on the right went on easily, but when it came to one on the left, I guess I was a little too excited as the rivet pulled through the can while I was putting the "part" on. So... I had to get out my pliers and punch to remove the rivet from the bottle cap...which dented and scratched the paint a bit. In the end, using an extra washer on the back, I got this "part" on as well. I will have to do some touching up when I'm done, but that's okay....

Her arms went on without a hitch...already I'm liking the fact that I decided to twist/bend the shoulders and hands upright. Gives "personality" to her....this is going to be a real character!!!

The legs also went on smoothly...I had learned a lot while making Helen! The only problem was...that I soon realized that either the legs where on the can a little too far forward or perhaps back...but in any case, she wouldn't stand up! Keep falling over onto her back!!!  Again, out came my trusty pliers and I tried to gently bend and shape the legs and feet so that she'd stay upright. But nothing would work!!! (I wonder if Dr. F had the same problem with his creature???) In the end, I decided to attach a brace to her back so that she'd stay up. This couldn't just be had to fit her "character"!! What I wonder....

As it so happened, I had a bit of wire fencing left over from another project...what a perfect "skirt" for her! So out came the drill for three quick holes, some screws, washers, and nuts...and her skirt was fitted.  She can now stand on her own! Whew!! That problem solved. All that was left was to put on her head!!!!

Using a long bolt that ran from the base of her head in the back, through a metal film can "neck" and into the body, I fastened everything together with a wing nut. And..."Sister" has a head. All that's left to do is to do some touching up of scratches and dents...and then her hair. But I'll save that step for the next episode!!!

Isn't she adorable!!!

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