September 23, 2010

Sister of Helen - Episode 4 or "Sister Gets Drilled and Bent!"

You know, there was very little in the way of screaming when I started to drill the rivet holes in her arms and legs...not from "Sister" but from me! I guess I learned how to do this task more efficiently when I made her older sister, Helen.  The drilling went quickly with little fuss. 

I had a bit more problem when I drilled the body was "softer" than the spoons/forks so it wanted to give a bit when I pressed into the can but in the end, I managed to get the holes done. Once I had the holes drilled, I could now move on to bending the spoons and forks into shape to become her arms and legs.

Again, there was little screaming on my part as I took my pliers in hand to bend and twist first the spoons into her shoulders/arm and the forks into her legs/feet. In a change for Helen's design, her sister's arms/hands will be standing upright...however her feet will be in the same position when all of this are attached.

I remembered how to do this from Helen as well 'cause everything went smoothly!! Next up was to be the most "riveting" step of all...but you'll have to wait until the next episode to find out!!!

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