September 16, 2010

Sister of Helen - Episode 2

With all the parts gathered up and initial holes drilled, it was time to put down a base coat on what will become her head, body, and other bits. Looking over the cans of paint on the shelf, for some reason I gravitated to the red. Why not!? "Sister of Helen" should be flashy...after all she has to stand up to her older sister, Helen!! So red it was. I also wanted a color that would show well underneath a coating of rust, which would be the next step after the paint had set-up. It took three coats of paint to get everything evenly covered particularly knowing what would be next. 

The next rust her!! After that then I'll need to drill holes in the spoons and forks before I bend them into her arms and legs. Then....the rivet gun comes out....and "Sister of Helen" will come to life!!!! She will need a name then...any ideas?

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