September 13, 2010

Sister of Helen - Episode 1

It is time to start creating the "Sister of Helen"! If you remember, Helen is an assemblage doll that was with my family until she moved to her new home in Illinois. Immediately I was asked to make another one, a sister to Helen if you would. So I have started. I also thought it would be fun to share my progress along the way.

Digging into my bins of "stuff" and scrounging around the house, I found most of the basic parts that I would need. All that was missing were spoons and forks...important parts as these are to be her arms and legs! I couldn't go much further than cleaning up what I found and drilling the first of the holes I would need to put "Sister of Helen" together. What to do!!!??

It was off to the Goodwill stores!! The first one we visited only had knives. Lots and lots of knives but no forks!! Was there someone else out there building the same thing? Doesn't really matter except I need spoons and forks!!! A week later, we visited a second Goodwill store and as luck would have it...spoons and forks! Not a big choice, but enough so that now "Sister of Helen" will have legs and arms. And I'm on my way!!

Next step(s) will to paint the body parts and after those have dried, to rust them. I'll show you those steps in Episode 2 so make sure you come back soon! (Oh...I need ideas for a name for "Sister of Helen"...please make sure you give me any suggestions!!!)

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