September 28, 2010

Is this a sign?

Sue's Gift

Back in November of  last year I made the decision to retire from teaching after 14 1/2 years and to find a new "path" for my life to take. So on January 15th of this year, I did so. Here it is the end of September and lately I've been wondering if this was such a great decision. I think leaving teaching was as I had reached a point where I no longer felt as effective as I once was...but to try my hand at being an "artist" has been a bit rocky. Some of it has been that "old habits die hard" and even after all these months, I've not settled into my new life. I'm doing so slowly but it's taking more time than I thought.

In any case, earlier this week I learned that I have been chosen as one of five finalist in "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" Artisan Search 2011 competition in the book art catagory. To say the least, I'm very excited about all of this. I'm up against four other wonderful book artists so while I'm hopeful...I'm trying not to get too much so. Even still, to be picked out of hundreds of entries is something I'm still trying to get my mind around. Is this a sign that my "art" is worth pursuing? I'd like to think any case, I do have some new found confidence that I wasn't feeling earlier. And sometimes that is all that is need, isn't it?!

If you'd like to see more of "Sue's Gift" (which is one of the three pieces I submitted...) and the other two books, please go to Cloth, Paper, Scissors Artisan Search 2011 gallery. My books are on page 6 of the gallery, at the bottom of the page. Let me know what you think.

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