September 20, 2010

Disco Bundle Updates

Disco bundle
Week 19 for the Disco bundle, week 18 for Barefoot Boy. Getting on in the weeks...both of them...and I will have to admit, I'm getting bored with the project. It has sort of lost its "edge". Neither bundle are doing much of anything, probably due to the weather. One more week for both bundles, then down they come. I still don't know what I will do with them except to set them aside for awhile. I need to take a look at what others have done with theirs on Seth Apter's site...maybe that will give me some inspiration! Hope so...

Barefoot Boy


Seth said...

I found that there were only subtle changes in my bundle at first. But when I took it apart and explored it, I noticed some major bits of evolution. Keep the faith and create something spectacular!

Dave said...

This is what I'm hoping for! When I look at the bundles up close I can definitely see lots of very interesting things going on that my photos can't/don't show. I'm really looking forward to opening up "Barefoot Boy" to see what's gone on inside of him!! I'll be taking all of these down next week so that should be exciting!