August 10, 2010

Altered Book - "Leaves"

Front cover

Taking up a challenge by "Cloth, Paper, Scissors", I created this altered book, "Leaves". A bit of steampunk influenced, the rest just happened as I worked on the book. In the end, I think I like what in became more than what I first imaged! Usually works that way...

"Leaves" started out life as a standard size sketch book. You know the type, black covers...lots of blank pages inside. Can be somewhat intimidating to many of us...  So...I first gutted the pages from the covers, then cut down the covers and the pages to 5.5" x 5.5"to meet the requirements of the challenge. Setting the pages aside, I started work on the covers.

The first thing I did was rivet sections of several recycled beer cans to the front and back covers and to its spine. This process was a little more involved than I thought it would be but once I got going, everything went smoothly. That done, I then applied the leaf patterns to the front and back covers using a  transfer gel I made from a lino block I had created earlier. Once these gels had dried, I then further distressed the covers with a acrylic wash.  Now for the pages!

Front and back covers...and spine

The pages were altered with some getting tattered edges, others windows cut into them, and still others had pockets of various types applied. I also created a "hidden space" using the back pages and back cover. Once all this tearing, cutting, and gluing was done, the pages also were distressed using the same type of acrylic wash as the covers. Needless to say...the pages now where a little too bulky to fit back into the covers! So I had to devise a floating cover arrangement to put them back into the covers which I like as it gave the whole book more dimensionality than I first imaged!

Inside front cover

Inside back cover

I haven't decided what come next for this book. I've submitted it to "Cloth, Paper, Scissors" so if it's accepted I'll have to ship it to them and will have to wait until it comes back. I have my fingers crossed that this will happen which will give me time to contemplate what's next for "Leaves"!

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Kathyanne White said...

Hey Dave,
I am going to put a link to this blog post in my enews that will be out on Tuesday the 28th. Love this! Saw it on the flickr group today!!