June 9, 2010

Sunday Visitor

I woke up this past Sunday morning to a darkening sky. Quickly going out to pick up the paper, I beat the rain by minutes. The storm came and went, the sky cleared as did the air and I knew it was going to be a good day for our planned trip to visit out daughters at Ohio University. Later, as I waited for my wife to get ready, I looked out a back window that overlooks a very small pond...just big enough for some goldfish and a plant...and saw a turtle frantically trying to get out...and not doing a good job of it! I hurried out grabbing a long-handled shovel to provide it a platform to climb out. As I gently slid the shovel under the turtle, it tucked its head and limbs inside its shell...and sank to the bottom of the pond! Muttering about getting my "good clothes" wet, I reached down and pulled it out placing it under a fern next to the pond. Figuring I had some time to get my camera, I did so and took several shots...one of which I share here.

Funny thing is, I came in to tell my wife about my rescue and to show her the pictures which only took a couple of minutes...and by the time I went back out to check on the turtle...it was gone! Who says turtles move slowly....

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