June 12, 2010

O'Bettys Red Hot Dogs & Sausages

This past Sunday my wife and I visited our daughters at Ohio University (Athens, Ohio). I was told that before we left that I had to go with them to O'Betty's Red Hot Dogs & Sausages for one of their gourmet hot dogs and to take in the "ambiance"...or at least my eldest daughter felt this way. So we did...

O'Betty's is not a big place but its selection of hot dogs and sides is extensive! Based on my daughter Cary's recommendation, I had a "Varla" which was a hot dog with sauerkraut and other interesting things...very tasty! However what I found all the more fun was the decor of O'Betty's. All along the walls were old photos of past burlesque queens...including "Varla"! The table tops also had these photos as well as bios of many of these performers. And...in the back was a "Hot Dog Museum" - talk about fun!
We didn't stay long as we had to leave to come home...but I know I will be back sometime soon! For more information and pics go to O'Betty's website: www.obettys.com

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