June 27, 2010

Barefoot....With Cheek (Week 6)

Moving this bundle has helped....the molds on the covers and pages are becoming more pronounced...and the book has swelled quite a bit this week. I'm starting to see all sorts of bugs swarming around it and once a bird landed on it...for just a moment. So...interesting things are "a foot"...

DisCo - Week 7

Another rainy, hot week. Not much more to say about that...except that the weather has been great on the "disintegration factor" for this bundle. Papers are curling, molding is forming, the metals are rusting...great stuff. The visitor bug that was there last week appears to have moved on...perhaps other visitors will stop by in the upcoming weeks....who knows?!

June 23, 2010

The Outer Banks

My wife, Susan and I "discovered" the Outer Banks soon after we were married (late 70's) and for a number of years made an annual trip there to enjoy it. Then life got in the way and we stopped going there for quite some time. When we did finally return, we were taken back and saddened over all the development that had happened. These things are the way it is...at least we know what the Outer Banks used to be..

Going through some old slides (remember those?!) I found some pics taken during this time. I scanned them, cleaned them up a bit and posted them to my Flickr site. I know there are more of this pics in my slides and as I come across them this summer, I'll post more. But for now, take a look at what this area used to be like...

June 20, 2010

Latest Etsy Listing - "Glamour"

It's been hot and humid here in Loveland, Ohio...and I'm not a big fan of either!!! So it's been the perfect time for me to go through the boxes and folders holding completed art works awaiting a home. And...it's perfectly amazing what I find when I do this. (I'm also reminded of what an art instructor kept saying about throwing art work away too soon...)

Here's the link to this work...check it out and let me know what you think!

June 18, 2010

Bare Foot...with Cheek - Week 5

This bundle has a new home! I had to move it as the branch it was hanging from had to come down!! Which is alright as I was pretty sure it wasn't getting enough "weather" where it was...so hopefully now it will. The covers are fading quickly and the edges are giving way all the more. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the book pages are developing a nice moldy patina...at least on the edges. I'm curious to what may be going on in the inside of the book...but that will have to wait until September when I take it down.

DisCo - Week 6

Now things are starting to happen! The papers are all brittle to the touch and crinkly...and lots of fading going on. The wooden spool is showing mold and the brass bells are rusting nicely!! And the top bundle has even gained a "tenant"! If you look close at the center of the picture on the left, you'll see a brownish blob. This is a bug of some sort!!  I didn't want to nudge it for fear of dislodge it so I'm not sure exactly what type...other than it's oval, brown, and had wings. Some sort of moth no doubt. The camera I was using didn't do this justice...I'm going back to my usual camera for the next shots!!

New Paintings

I began these two paintings this past fall and finally finished them several weeks ago. They hung in my basement studio for awhile, now they're upstairs in the bedroom. I'm still considering if I like them...and I must because every time I look at them, I'm pleased with how they turned out.

Both of the paintings are based on photographs, "Reclined" is from a pose book while "Afternoon" is from a book of nudes. While I "borrowed" the lines from these photos, the rendering of the colors and lights/darks is all mine. Even still, I'm sure that some where in a sketch book are drawings I made in life classes that reflect these same poses. Now the question becomes, do I try to sell these on Etsy? And if so, what price? I think I'll enjoy them for a bit longer before I decide on this.


June 12, 2010

O'Bettys Red Hot Dogs & Sausages

This past Sunday my wife and I visited our daughters at Ohio University (Athens, Ohio). I was told that before we left that I had to go with them to O'Betty's Red Hot Dogs & Sausages for one of their gourmet hot dogs and to take in the "ambiance"...or at least my eldest daughter felt this way. So we did...

O'Betty's is not a big place but its selection of hot dogs and sides is extensive! Based on my daughter Cary's recommendation, I had a "Varla" which was a hot dog with sauerkraut and other interesting things...very tasty! However what I found all the more fun was the decor of O'Betty's. All along the walls were old photos of past burlesque queens...including "Varla"! The table tops also had these photos as well as bios of many of these performers. And...in the back was a "Hot Dog Museum" - talk about fun!
We didn't stay long as we had to leave to come home...but I know I will be back sometime soon! For more information and pics go to O'Betty's website: www.obettys.com

Bare Foot...with Cheek - Week 4

Not much to see this week in the way of changes. I'm wondering if the tree it's under is providing this bundle with too much shelter? Perhaps the thunderstorms this weekend will help....

DisCo - Week 5

The changes in the top bundle aren't as obvious as in the bottom bundle...but things are "breaking down" nicely! The bottom bundle shows a lot of wrinkling, curling, fraying....neat stuff! The top one...not so much but still there are changes from last week. It is pouring down rain (again!) today so everything is getting soaked...the entire weekend promises to be this way...

June 9, 2010

Sunday Visitor

I woke up this past Sunday morning to a darkening sky. Quickly going out to pick up the paper, I beat the rain by minutes. The storm came and went, the sky cleared as did the air and I knew it was going to be a good day for our planned trip to visit out daughters at Ohio University. Later, as I waited for my wife to get ready, I looked out a back window that overlooks a very small pond...just big enough for some goldfish and a plant...and saw a turtle frantically trying to get out...and not doing a good job of it! I hurried out grabbing a long-handled shovel to provide it a platform to climb out. As I gently slid the shovel under the turtle, it tucked its head and limbs inside its shell...and sank to the bottom of the pond! Muttering about getting my "good clothes" wet, I reached down and pulled it out placing it under a fern next to the pond. Figuring I had some time to get my camera, I did so and took several shots...one of which I share here.

Funny thing is, I came in to tell my wife about my rescue and to show her the pictures which only took a couple of minutes...and by the time I went back out to check on the turtle...it was gone! Who says turtles move slowly....

June 8, 2010

Etsy Treasury - Pitch A Tent

Just a quick plug for a fun Etsy Treasury...some fun outdoorsy items spotlight here...including a pair of LLBean boots offered by yours truly! Check it out at:

June 5, 2010

Facebook Page - Clearer Reflections

If you go towards the "bottom" of my blog and look to the right you should see a Facebook "badge" for my new page dedicated to my Etsy shop, Clearer Reflections. Should you be a Facebook-er and would like to keep up with going on in my shop, just give this badge a click...and then "Like" the page when you're there. I hope to see you there...Thanks!

DisCo - Week 4

Are there changes going on with this bundle? Hard to say...at least compared to "Barefoot...with Cheek"...but I do think things are changing...just not as dramatically. The pages are looking more ragged than before as is the twine. I wonder what's going on in the inside of this bundle as well...

Bare Foot...with Cheek - Week 3

Okay...now I'm starting to see some changes! The bindings are swelling and the pages are bloated! One can only image what's going on in the inside of this bundle!!!  It has been hot, humid, rainy, muggy, yuck...all week. This is taking its toll on this bundle...wonderful!!!