May 7, 2010


I didn't sleep well the night before for all sorts of reasons, so I woke up yesterday morning somewhat groggy-headed and grumpy. As the morning progressed, I found myself filled with all sorts of aches and pains from my head on down! Not a great way to start a day...particularly a day that soon proved to be filled with picture perfect weather. The type of weather you dream for all winter long...crystal clear blue skies, breezes warming in the sun -- but not too warm. A day that makes you want to spend every moment outdoors and all those things that needed to be done inside...forgotten.
 But I was ruining it by dwelling on the fact that I felt miserable! So I thought to myself, "Why are you wasting such a beautiful day!?" I needed to get over this pity-party in a hurry. This particularly hit home as I walked by our deck trellis filled with clematis that is in full bloom. I knew I needed to get my camera.

As I was taking pictures of these, I heard the cry of a hawk overhead. Looking up, I saw the hawk soaring above me, white against a deep blue sky. Watching it circle and dive, riding the air currents, calling out as it did, I realized that there was not just one hawk, but three others! It was then that I realize how truly fortunate I was to be able to enjoy such a day! That feeling bad for myself had no place in the day. So that's what I did the rest of the day...that is until I went to my dentist appointment. But that's another story...

I'd like to say that all my aches and pains went away at that moment, but they didn't. And I added to them by working in my garden and doing various other outside projects throughout the day. It was worth it.

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