May 22, 2010

DisCo Updates

These pictures were taken this past Thursday but I'm now just able to get them posted! This is the second week and from the looks of the pictures not much has happened to them, which isn't surprising as the weather...while glooming and gray...hasn't really been "wet". However!!! That all changed yesterday and last night when we experienced several torrential downpours! Looking at this "bundle" this morning I can tell it did get quite wet as the boards have warped a bit and the papers all look so very soggy. I am curious how this will look later this week after they've dried out. The forecast for the week is hot and humid as well so that should also make a make sure you check in towards the end of next week.

I also started a second "DisCo" bundle last week as well. I received the latest issue of "Black and White" magazine earlier and was enjoying the wonderful black and white photos when I came across the work of a photographer whose images consisted of close-up of old books that had obviously gotten wet and been exposed to the elements. A "DisCo" project if I ever had seen one! So...I found an old book in the house appropriately titled "Barefoot Boys with Cheek", wrapped it with ribbon and twine, added a feather just because and hung it from a tree in my backyard. This should be fun to watch its progress as well over the next 4 months. Who knows what cheek we'll see!


Seth said...

Like the new addition to the bundle family. I will be following the changes over time. Thanks for posting.

Dave said...

The wet, humid weather we've been having is certainly causing some changes in these bundles. It's been fun to watch!