May 16, 2010

A Day in the Garden

Today was cold and gloomy. Rain threatened all day, finally starting around 3:00 pm. A hard to day to get motivated. But yesterday...yesterday was glorious! Clear skies, warm breezes, perfect day! Spent most of the day in the garden after a quick trip to Lowe's to pick up some necessities like potting soils and deer netting. Came home, changed into a favorite pair of shorts and sandals...and then out to the sunshine!

The problem with a day like yesterday is what to do, when. I knew I wanted to work on my Sun bench some more, repot a tree fern that needed it desperately, plant my corn plants, get beans and lettuce seeds in the ground, put up more deer netting, drink a few beers and just hang out in the sunshine! What to do first?! I also knew rain was in the forecast come Sunday and the first part of the upcoming week so I wanted to be "efficient" with my time. So I figured the beers could wait for awhile. After all it was only 10:30 am.

The bench came first as paint needed to dry. No pictures of this to share this time, but it is coming along very nicely. I hope to finish it next week. I then moved to repotting the tree fern. It really needed it! This didn't take much time and effort so after I cleaned up the deck from this, it was lunch time.

After lunch, and a short nap in the sun, I grabbed my hoe and rake and headed to the garden! First to go in where the corn plants that I started several weeks in peat pots. Next to these I planted pole beans with the idea that the corn stalks will provide support to the beans as they grow. I have several types of squashes starting in peat pots and will plant these next to the corn/beans...completing the "three sisters". I also planted other types of beans along the back of this space and several rows of lettuce in the top right section. Talk about intensive gardening! 

Next, I wanted to put up the deer netting in the section next to this one, but I lost my helper as she decided it was a good time to mow the yard. So this had to wait and by the time she finished we both decided to put this off until today....but the rains came before we could do it. Oh well! The tomatoes that will go into this part of the garden are doing nicely in their peat pots on the screen porch so I'm not too worried about the delay.

Did I finally get time to have that beer. I did, after cleaning up the deck and putting everything away for the evening. It was a wonderful day all and all, time spent in the sun and working in the dirt. What could be better!!

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Susan said...

wonderful yard art