April 24, 2010

Down to the Sea

This past week has found me trying to be very "quiet" as I recover from hernia surgery. This has not been easy! I don't do "quiet" with any grace and the pain and discomfort that comes from this surgery hasn't done much for my disposition either!!!

In any case, I have been given me time to contemplate and consider. One of the thoughts that keeps coming back is one of escaping to the ocean and spending time on the beach. I suppose these thoughts have been there for awhile as they certainly inspired me when I created the above collage as a birthday present for my wife. We have had a "running joke" for quite sometime about naked Sunbonnet Sues so I picked this up as my theme. That and a play on "Susie sells seashells on the seashore." (It also helps to know that my wife's name is also Sue.) I don't know if you can read the limerick in the top right hand corner so here it is:

    "Once there was a guild known as the Sunbonnet Sues
      Who had become tired of their winter hues.
      So off to the beach they ran,
      Those barefoot girls wearing
      only their bonnets and cheeks of tan."

I know, the limerick is kinda of weak...but what can I say....

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