April 8, 2010

"Dead End Street" collage

This collage started as a "try-it-out" creating the background. I first did a digital scan of a background I had created a while ago using acrylics. I printed this on watercolor paper and let it set-up for a couple of days. Then I overprinted this with the script text...which is actually a reverse scan of the original. I like how this looked so started to consider what images to work with. 

I knew I wanted to work with old silver gelatin black and white prints and contact sheets I had accumulated so I started cutting and positioning. The dead end street sign pic was first and the picture of the building seemed a nice fit. I could see a story starting to happen but I wasn't sure what it would be. Then I found an old contact sheet from the 1970's and the strip of nudes just clicked with the images of the street sign and the building...along with the contact sheet frame of the "No trespassing" sign. With these in place I added some torn tracing paper that I had washed with black watercolor to give the collage some mystery as well as applying the wash to parts of the watercolor paper edges. Wasn't quite done so I added the two text boxes to tie the story together. 

I didn't start out to create this particular narrative collage but I must admit I like how it ended up. Any thoughts?

This collage is now available on my Etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/listing/45753576/dead-end-street-collage-8x10.