April 26, 2010


Several years ago I built this bench for our back deck and while we used it for a bit, soon it became a place to put pots and all sorts of other gardening paraphernalia. The center started to bow from lack of support and so it went. A useful bench but not very attractive.

This past winter I decided come spring to spruce up the bench, give it a center support and to turn it into a "work of art". So I have started! First, several coats of white house paint that was left over from another project. Then, the sun went on because the bench needed a sun! From there I wasn't sure where to go but somehow I knew mermaids had to be on it as they are my favorite muse. I added these. Some fish and star fish and somehow my bench is taking an ocean theme...which really didn't surprise me.

Things were going on swimmingly until my hernia operation which has made working on the bench somewhat difficult...and several days of rain. In the meantime I have sketched out a "face" for the sun and will add that when I can. I also plan to add some hibiscus blossoms next to the sun and along the side rails. The large side panels are crying for something but I not sure what. Sailboats perhaps?
Any ideas? Oh...and I plan to repaint the bench a light blue and give the mermaids a bit of a "skin tone". They're looking a little pale.

Once the bench is done, I'll post it's new look...so stay tuned!

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