March 18, 2010


Things are moving right along with the Push-me-Pull-me-doll. I've added it's "arms" to the back of the blocks. I wasn't quite sure how this would work out...the hinges allow the two body blocks to swing together and I hope give the feeling of being connected but yet able to disconnect? Unfortunately the blocks can't close tight enough together so that the outer hinges also connect but I still like the overall look so far.

Next I added its wheels. This took a bit of doing as the space to screw the bases in was tight...a little patience and time was all this took. The doll stands up nicely once the outer wheels are locked and rolls okay when the body blocks are positioned side-by-side however, the wheels proved to be too big to allow for the body blocks to close against each other. In any case, I still like the way this doll is coming about. Now that all the hardward is on, I can now start with some embellishments to the fronts of the doll.

The doll's heads will prove the most challenging for me. In this shot, I've applied the first coat of molding paste to the paper-machie forms I made earlier. They're going to need at least a second coating then I'll start adding things like noses to the forms before I put a base coat of white paint on them. Then...adding the rest of their faces! Stay tuned!!!

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