March 26, 2010

Accepting the challenge!

How many times have you seen a "reader's challenge" in cloth paper scissors or a "call for works" and thought, "I could do that!" or "My stuff is as good as anything that I've seen here in the past!" ...and then did nothing about it?

Well... two things have come to my attention lately and I made the mistake of saying just these things in front of my wife...who said what she always does, "So do it!" So...okay I'm going to give it a try.

The two in "question" are cloth paper scissors latest challenge, "A Haunting We Will Go!" and one  that came across my emails today: Manifest Gallery's call for "Works of Collage and Assemblage Guidebook" ( ). Both sound like something up my alley as I enjoy working in multi-media and collage/assemblage. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...and all that stuff. Now the big question is what to do? I have until May 19th for cloth paper scissors entry but only until April 16th for Manifest Gallery's. Hmmm. This will teach me not to make such pronouncements in front of my wife!!

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